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The prices listed are per person.
Accommodation not included.

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Abyanga (50 mins.) € 60,00
An embracing Indian massage that will relax and reinvigorate. Special blends of hot oils will treat your body to create a sense of softness and perfect balance.
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Shirobyhanga (1h 20 mins.) € 95,00
A truly enchanting experience, followed by an intense oriental body and scalp massage that focuses on meridian lines and chakra points, to bring harmony and wellness to the whole body.
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Pinda Sweda (55 mins.) € 100,00
Undoubtedly the most exclusive treatment of the Kerala. Hot oil is poured onto the whole body, followed by a massage with hot pads, rich in essential oils and the very finest herb powders. A succession of movements caresses and stimulates the release of energy flows. Pinda Sweda loosens pains, improves the circulation, purifies and gives vigour to your body.
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Ubatan (1h 20 mins.) € 100,00
An extremely efficient Ayurveda treatment that combines a simple formula and a very high slimming and remodelling action that rebalances the metabolism.
This treatment renews and nourishes all epidermal layers, activates the circulation and leaves the skin radiant, lending the whole body a sensation of wellness.

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