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Relaxation session in the underwater-sound pool for adults and children
The soft light of candles, the enveloping embrace of the warm water and the sounds of nature: an elixir against daily life stress. A session in the underwater-sound pool is ideal to relax the body and the mind and to give yourself some tender loving care. Immerse yourself in the pool and for half an hour just forget everything except the relaxing atmosphere, the pleasant water massage combined with nature's notes.
For the younger ones, the lights and the water temperature stimulate their imagination and creativity. The underwater-sound tube is, in fact, particularly suitable for children who, together with their mum and dad, discover an enchanted world of magical plays of light. Even more than in Pinocchio's toy kingdom and in Peter Pan's Neverland, your children's imagination will reign supreme in the underwater-sound tub. The sweet sound of music and alternating colours become a setting for new games where fantasy and reality mingle. For new-borns, the pool becomes a cradle where the colours of the rainbow enchant and surprise them.

All children between the ages of 0 and 12 can access the Underwater-Sound Pool free of charge, accompanied by a parent.

20.00 euro

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