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For those who love to move in absolute freedom...

A music that is suggestive of distant countries will guide you into the Tepidarium (35 – 40), the starting point for your sensorial journey. It is the ideal place to relax and get used to the temperature, sipping on a cup of green or mint tea. In this first phase, you will be invited to rub your body with black soap, a special paste of olives and mineral salts with a high purifying power that prepares the skin for the scrub that follows.

After rinsing off the soap and having rubbed down the body, wrapped in aromatherapy vapours, you will come to the Calidarium (45°/55°). This area is dedicated to gommage, the exfoliating ritual performed using a special mitt that, in addition to reactivating circulation, also makes the skin extremely soft and smooth.
The Frigidarium (28°/30°) is the last stage of the programme and is fundamental for reawakening vital energy, with a pleasurable session in the spa tub. Leave the hectic pace of life behind you and make way for an extraordinary wellness sensation.
  • savonnage: application of black soap based on olive and mineral salts in the tepidarium (35°/40) / calidarium (45°/55°);
  • body gommage to leave the body extremely soft and velvety;
  • session in the frigidarium (swimming pool with spa tub at 28°/30 ) to rekindle vital energy.
  • relax with infusions, dried fruit and special sweets.

1h 20'
35.00 euro

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