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Let yourself be transported in to the enchanting atmosphere of well ness …

Dedicated to the most discerning; an Alhambra Hammam programme plus a session in the Rassoul, an environment with a temperature of 35°/45°C. It is ideal for the application of the "Terre de Ghassoul", a soap clay enhanced by mineral salts and blended with rose water, resolting extremely in a purifying and regenerating action.

    • savonnage: application of black soap based on olive and mineral salts in the tepidarium (35°/40) / calidarium (45°/55°);
    • body gommage to leave the body extremely soft and velvety;
    • oriental style hand and foot care: savonnage, polishing, Rassoul mask and argan oil pack
    • session in the frigidarium (swimming pool with spa tub at 28°/30 ) to rekindle vital energy;
    • oleation with Argan oil (20 mins) on warm marble benches.
    • relax with infusions, dried fruit and special petit fours.

110.00 Euro

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