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The Hammam ritual is a journey through various environments, from the hottest to the coldest, intended as a moment of deep inner listening, as well as relaxation and meditation, a way to get in touch with your inner self.

The journey begins in the Tepidarium (35C/95F) where, after a lukewarm shower, you will lie on warm marble benches where you can relax completely. You will then enter the Calidarium (45-55C/113-131F) where, with 100% humidity, you will experience the true "steam bath".
The final stage is in the Frigidarium (28-30C/82-86F), a tank filled with cool water that will tighten the pores and tone the body. A little rest with herbal teas and cookies in the relaxation room will conclude your journey.

1h 30'
20.00 Euro

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