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The Hammam, or Turkish bath, is a middle eastern practice whose roots go back to ancient Greek and Roman traditions. The Hammam ritual we offer our guests makes use of Moroccan products for deep-down skin cleansing and provides a harmonious combination of beauty and wellness, bodily purification and mental relaxation.
Black soap, Argan oil and Rassoul are the main products used in the Hammam, which originates in Morocco. This bath is in turn connected to a series of rooms with different temperatures and humidities: the tepidarium (Westya), calidarium (Beit el sakhin) and frigidarium (Beit el barid) allow the body to acclimatise gently and naturally.
The Hammam is open to both men and women and is a useful and pleasant practice all year round. During the winter it helps prevent cold-related problems, it frees the airways, counters muscle pain and thanks to the peeling, it eliminates toxins for a more elastic, firm and relaxed skin. During the summer it reduces body temperature, to give a refreshing action and, together with the peeling, it renews tans to lend a lasting glow.

To purify, tone or relax: At the source of well-being there is always water.
The main feature of the simplest beauty treatment- the bath - water is at the heart of ancient traditions, harmonious union for the care of the body and the mind, in cultures distant in space and time. At Greek and Roman spas, they played sports and discussed politics and philosophy and then, naturally, they immersed themselves in spa baths. Over the whole of the Middle East, the hammam steam bath is a perfect synthesis of purification and relaxation.
In the coldest regions of Northern Europe and Russia, the sauna is a remedy against the cold as well as a moment of relaxation.
Also at Alhambra beauty find you will find three paths to discover the qualities of water, an elixir which dissolves stress and helps you find your internal equilibrium. This precious natural element combined with salts and cremes is ideal to remove dead cells and to make the skin velvety. Moreover, cold water revitalizes the circulation and offers a pleasant sensation of freshness and vitality, while warm water is a tender enveloping embrace, which dissolves tiredness and relaxes your nerves.
Take some time for yourself and discover what the water paths hold for you.

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