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Learn something more about the vapour bath and the “ingredients” that make it so special

The word hammam is derived from the Arabic “to heat” and it indicates the building complex where the Muslims carry out the sacred lavacres to arrive purified to their daily prayer. Religious matters are mingled with sanitary needs and social habits that make these places a privileged meeting point.
The basic structure consists of the passage through three rooms with different temperature: a warm, a hot and a cool one.
The relationship between the hammam and the thermal baths is very close: the Arabs, who conquered the Syria during the 7th century, also took possession of the grand thermal baths built by the Romans, keeping them in use and creating some new ones with the same structure.
The spread of the Islam played a decisive role in the fortune of the Turkish bath. From Morocco to Turkey, from Syria to Saudi Arabia, over the years each country has enriched this tradition with local uses and habits.
Beauty Farm Alhambra proposes the “vapour bath” according to the Moroccan tradition, with the use of the black soap and the Argan oil.

Dark colour, it has a creamy texture and an unmistakable smell: these are the main characteristics of the black soap.
Typical from Morocco, this product is composed by mineral salts, eucalyptus and black olives, from which the dark colour is derived. Unlike other soaps on the market, its paste is as soft as delicious jam. This particular texture comes from the olive oil, while the distinctive smell is given by the eucalyptus.

It penetrates deeply into the skin and eliminates impurities and dead cells, leaving the skin smooth and luminous. The use of the black soap is widespread in the most prestigious hammams and in detoxicant beauty treatments.
It is also suitable for sensitive skins for its delicacy and non-irritating properties.
At medium-high temperatures, the black soap spreads an unique perfume that has salutary effects on the breathing organs, thanx to the presence of the eucalyptus in its composition.

Hammam - the black soap is especially used during the Turkish bath, combined with the kessa, the typical Moroccan mitt. First the paste is laid on the moist skin and delicately rubbed down, after a rest of a few minutes it is then rinsed out. It is time to pass the kessa throughout the body, an ultimate and accurate washing puts an end to the gommage.

At the hammam of the Beauty Farm Alhambra, the black soap is also used, of course. When the body gets used to the temperature of the Tepidarium, the savonnage starts, then it ends in the Calidarium. Wrapped in the aromatherapy vapours the guests pass through their bodies a special silky mitt which reactivates the circulation and makes the skin as smooth and soft as velvet.

This oil comes from the squeezing of the Argan nuts or berries. The Argan tree is not known in Europe, but it is typical of the North of Africa, in particular of the Atlantic area. According to some research studies it seems that the Argan tree was one of the first arboreal species appeared on Earth about 80 millions years ago.
Also called “liquid gold”, Argan oil is precious not only for its qualities, but also because it needs a labour and intensive processing technique to be produced.
Local people have been using it for centuries in food and cosmetic treatments, thanx to its nutritional principles and its beneficial effects on the organism and the skin.

It is full of vitamin E, an effective defence against the skin ageing. The Argan oil contains twice the amount compared to olive oil.

It fights the free radicals and activates the oxygen in the cells due to its particular chemical composition. The Argan oil, moreover, helps to soften rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases and affects positively on the digestive system.

It is easily absorbing and it does not leave any oiliness on the skin.

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